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One of the more popular trends has been the production of Very Light Jets or VLJs. These light weight private jets help to reduce fuel costs and offer access to airports with shorter runways.

It’s very common for business charter flights to carry only one or two passengers on a trip. Many times it’s only the top executives who make use of private jet charters and they can wind up on a jet with 7 empty seats. Aircraft manufacturers have identified this as an opportunity to produce and offer a product catering to this specific type of consumer. The light jet market is one where customers are often using private jets as a business or time saving tool. For these trips, the aircraft with the lowest charter rate is usually the choice.

Eclipse 500

In 2006, Eclipse Aviation became the first aircraft developer to pioneer a Very Light Jet into the business jet market with introduction of the Eclipse 500. VLJ’s presented a way to reduce cost yet still take advantage of the many perks of using business jet.

Citation Mustang

Cessna’s Citation Mustang became the next Very Light Jet to hit the market with the first deliveries shipping out in 2007. The Mustang’s effectiveness and staring price are similar to the Eclipse 500 however many individuals favor it due to its more spacious cabin. The Citation Mustang also comes equipped with a bathroom which is one thing that the Eclipse 500 has drawn criticism for lacking.

Phenom 100

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer took the design of Very Light Jets one step further with the Phenom 100. It’s no wonder this jet has become the most popular VLJ on the market today. The Phenom 100 provides the comfort and experience of a larger aircraft while maintaining all the characteristics of other Very Light Jets travelers have come to admire.

More Very Light Jets Coming soon!

These aircrafts are becoming more and more popular with those who travel via private jet. Several aircraft manufacturers currently have Very Light Jets under development. Honda even crated The Honda Aircraft Company to develop their version of the VLJ, The Honda Jet, which is currently undergoing test flights.



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